Gumbies Review What You Should Be Wearing This Summer

Gumbies Review

Updated 02/04/24

Yes I still have the same pair and I do wear them every week. I have had them now for 7 years, what a bargain. Ok its been indoors because the weather is so cold but they will outlast the summer of 2024

Updated Gumbies Review December 2021

I still wear my gumbies on a regular basis and they are probably even comfier now because they are an exact match to my feet. I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of miles I have covered in them in the last 4 years.  Value for money is outstanding because they don’t look like giving up anytime soon.

2017 Gumbies Review

I was looking for something a little different to wear to the beach this summer and I stumbled across these Gumbies. I had to have a pair and they cost more than the average flip flop but hey who wants to be average when you can look better than the crowd. After all I need to let the world know that working from home does have its rewards. My Gumbies Review.

In fact I convinced the wife in 3 seconds flat that she also needed a pair now the only problem was deciding  which pair to have. I Ordered on Amazon (Prime) with free next day delivery. Spanking service I decided on the Islander, Black pair which I am sure will look uber cool for my 2 Weeks in Zante

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Gumbies Review

Gumbies Islander Flip-Flops

Developed with a passion for outdoor life, Gumbies Islander Flip-Flops provide the freedom of minimalistic footwear while ultimately protecting the sole.

From the experiences of travel, sports and exploration our journey has led us to design, develop and manufacture what we believe to be the best all round simplistic footwear one will ever own.

Gumbies follow the contours of the foot, the arch of the sole and most importantly provide comfort between the toes, whilst using the most practical, natural and recycled planet friendly materials where possible.

Age is not an issue. Like best mates, they get more familiar with time. Gumbies Islander Flip-Flops give you timeless style and are fashionable, functional, fresh and fun.

Gumbies Review

Comfy,  Stylish and hard wearing and we will be certainty  investing in more pairs of different colours. I promise if you get a pair you will not be disappointed or even buy another normal pair of geezer sandals. 

Of course you could also buy Gumbies from the official site here

Gumbies Review

Gumbies Flip Flop Review One Year On 

Well I have worn my Gumbies virtually everyday since I have had them. They have replaced my slippers in the house. If fact my gumbies vary rarely leave my feet much, to the dismay of the wife. This year as I have been working more from home freelancing on SEO when the sun shines I work in the garden on the laptop. Hence I know have a very distinctive suntan on my feet. Yes it is in the shape of the Gumbies band across my feet.

I have just returned from Lake Garda and of course I took my trusted Gumbies away with me. On one of the days I walked from Colombare to Sirmione which is around seven miles there and back. Yes all in my gumbies, the tan has now got deeper in colour and the patches whiter.

Gumbies Flip Flop Durability 

I can confidently say that if and when they do wear out I will be buying another pair of Gumbies. They may cost a few more pounds in the first instance but I have seen many an average flip break in the Gumbies wake. I even wear them when doing my situps in a morning.

Give me a pair of gumbies any day over any other type of footwear. My Gumbies Review. I occasionally wear trainers when I am out running and consuming music.


One of the reasons I that converted me to Gumbies was the recycling and sustainability factor. The straps on the Flip-Flops incorporates recycled textiles. These are woven into the straps to provide strength and structure. Then apparently each one durability tested to ensure they last.

Each pair of their Flip-Flops feature there special recycled rubber Gumtread™outsole. They’re contoured to fit on your feet like a glove for a unique fit (they are like slipper). The rugged tire-like tread provides grip and durability. All contributing to living a single sustainable lifestyle.

Gumbies Outback Slippers

What can I say, these are like little comfort blankets for your feet. They feel like a little hug on your feet, ok I haven’t walked very far in them as yet because I don’t want to ruin them. I am hoping they will last as long as my flip flops

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