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As a father to grown up children, I believe I have some knowledge from experience to help guide you to where you would like to be. With our support and guidance, your journey can be less stressful and more enjoyable, with extra people involved. It’s never too late, is a phrase used often and it’s quite appropriate now, as I approach 60 shortly. I have a varied background, like most for different reasons.

For purposes of this project, I’ll just outline the one’s which will benefit the users of this site.

Ex military (TA) for 5 years, travelled with the infantry throughout the UK and Gibraltar and Canada while on maneuvers with the regular army. A competitive Triathlete at Olympic distance since 2003 when my son was born. Martial arts instructor (Wado Ryu) Karate, winning a variety of individual and team medals. As a qualified Nutrition Advisor, which developed into running my own freshly prepared fruit and Vegetable business, which also took me into schools highlighting ways that families could eat healthier. Today I’m a Level 2 Swimming Teacher, Lifeguard and Aquaphobia Coach.

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